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DIY Cellulite Coffee Scrub

Summer is here! And, summer means showing more skin. Whether you're going to the beach or just strolling around town, you probably want to have your skin looking its best.

Many of us humans who live and breathe and eat food are often afflicted with a very common condition:


While both men and women can experience cellulite, women are predominantly affected. It is said that 80-90% of women will experience cellulite at some point during their lives.

How To Treat Cellulite Naturally

If you are not a unicorn and are one of the 90% who has experienced the dimpled skin and would like to find natural ways to treat it then please, read on. While a coffee scrub will not eliminate cellulite, it can help to diminish the uneven texture and make skin look tauter and smoother.

Coffee contains powerful stimulants and it is thought that the massaging action of the scrub, along with the caffeine, help to decrease edema (swelling) around the areas with cellulite. They could also stimulate collagen (1).

Only Four Ingredients

As I've tried to simplify my lifestyle through food and what I put on my body, I gravitate towards ingredients that I recognize and from which I believe my body will benefit. We are under constant assault from toxins in the environment and heavily processed foods. The simpler I make my life - with regard to ingredients - the better I find my body feeling.

There are only four ingredients in this recipe and they are all items that will benefit and not burden your body.


DIY Cellulite Coffee Scrub

Mix all ingredients together and store in a glass jar.


How I Use the Scrub

I will take a small amount into my hand (roughly 1 TBS) and apply it to already damp skin. I rub gently for approximately 30 seconds and then rinse. I have read some directions that suggest leaving the scrub on and even wrapping the skin in plastic wrap, but I have decided that is not for me.

Supplement Your Routine

As mentioned previously, this will not permanently remove cellulite, but it can improve the appearance and texture of afflicted skin. If you add this scrub to your routine of diet and exercise, I believe you will see an improvement in your skin's texture. I certainly have.

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