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Non-Toxic Dry Shampoo How-To

Did you know, according to the Environmental Working Group, that women put an average of 168 different chemicals on their bodies each day? Men use fewer products than women so the average for men is much lower - only 85. (1) That is still a lot, in my opinion, though.

Not Without Consquences

We live in unprecedented times. We have conveniences that our ancestors could only dream of. We used to have to worry about having enough to eat, and now we have abundance beyond measure.

Progress and innovation have brought about miraculous living standards for many people. We can have just about anything we desire brought literally to our doorstep. There is always a cost, however. For example, the industrialization of our food has severely compromised the nutritional content of the crops that are grown for our convenience. When we outsource our nourishment, there's always a sacrifice.

The same goes for personal care products. Product manufacturers want to use the least amount of resources possible and the cheapest ingredients to maximize their profits. While I don't have a problem with manufacturers making money, I do have a problem with knowingly using unsafe substances in their products. These ingredients are often toxic and harmful to our bodies. If you live in the US, the personal care industry has very relaxed regulatory requirements. In fact, approximately 1500 chemicals are banned in the European Union for use in cosmetics due to safety issues, however, only 11 are restricted in the US.

Hope For Americans!

There is hope for Americans who want to feel safe when purchasing personal care products. There was a bipartisan bill introduced by Senator Dianne Feinstein from California and Senator Susan Collins from Maine called the Personal Care Products Safety Act of 2019 (2). While this is a wonderful step forward, there is still work to be done in order for consumers to feel truly secure when purchasing personal care products.

Opt-Out of the System

If you're a little counter-culture like me and have a healthy dose of cynicism when it comes to the government having the ability to keep you fully protected, you might want to opt-out of the system and do things for yourself!

I've slowly, over the years, begun to make things for myself - from cleaning products to peanut butter. I get a real sense of satisfaction knowing that I'm sure, without a doubt, what is in that product that my family is using or is exposed to.

This recipe is not only safe to put on your body, but you could also even put it *IN* your body. That's right. These ingredients are 100% safe and can even be ingested. And, better yet, it really works! Let's get to making!

Non-Toxic Dry Shampoo

1/4 cup of organic cacao

3 drops of mint essential oil (optional)

Mix thoroughly in a mixing bowl and place all ingredients into a clean glass container for storage.


My girls absolutely love this dry shampoo. They use it all the time. We'd used the aerosols in the past, but they are really harmful to the environment and so I'm so glad we've made this switch. My kids say it smells like a Peppermint Pattie. :)

If you try this recipe, please let me know how it turns out! I'd love to see it. Feel free to tag me at@consciouslivingtoday on Instagram or onFacebook if you happen to give it a go!

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